The Sacred Allure of kalinchowk bhagwati

Kalinchowk, which carries not only religious, historical and natural significance, but also touristic significance, is an important place that the people of Dolakha are proud of.

It is said that devout devotees go to visit Bhagwati with the belief that if they can please kalinchowk bhagwati by worshiping religion and worshiping, their hearts will be fulfilled.

kalinchowk bhagwati

kalinchowk bhagwati

There are some legends about kalinchowk bhagwati, which is located at a height of 3,842 meters above sea level.

In ancient times, when sheep were brought from Kuti to Khasa, they had to be brought from Kalinchok. Seven sheep were lost when they arrived here. It is believed that the sheep stopped disappearing after the shepherds offered Abeer, Keshari and offerings. After that, the local Makardhwaj Tamang says that the process of worshiping kalinchok bhagwati started.

Experts say that Kalinchok is the place mentioned as Himalaya Mountains in Kamachal Giri Himavat section in Skanda Purana and Kalinjar in Kalipuran. According to them, Kalinchok is the place where Parvati killed the demon after doing penance for three thousand years.

kalinchowk bhagwati

A special fair is held here on Janaipurna and Krishnashtami. Local residents say that there is a large crowd of Dhamijankri during the fair, while other devotees also come to seek blessings for children, wealth, and learning.

No idol of Bhagwati can be seen here. There is a tank that keeps water for twelve months, devotees worship it as kalinchowk Bhagwati.

Charikot-Kuri 18 km unpaved road has been constructed. Hundreds of hotels and lodges have been built in Kuri. A cable car has also been arranged to reach the temple from Kuri.

The local government is trying to develop it as an important and safe, religious and touristic place. With the construction of the cable car at Kalinchok, the number of visitors to this area has increased.

With the increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists, the investment in hotels here is increasing. The road network has also started connecting from nearby villages of Indrawati, Lapilang and Kalinchok. A master plan has also been made to plant trees for greenery. Village Chairman Arjun Sivakoti informed that arrangements are being made as a package for traveling from Kathmandu to Jhapa.

kalinchowk bhagwati

Even if you don’t take the cable car, you can easily reach the kalinchowk bhagwati place by walking uphill from Kuri Bazar for about an hour. kalinchowk bhagwati is known as a beautiful and religiously important place in Dolakha district. Standing in the yard of Kalinchok Mata and seeing the line of mountains from east to west, everyone who comes here feels that they have reached heaven.

Jeeps, cars and motorcycles can be driven on unpaved roads. Sometimes minibuses can also be used in dry season. However, regular public vehicles are not available on this road.

Deurali Bhanjyang is reached after about an hour’s walk from Charikot. There are only 3-4 shops in Deurali. After going up from there, you will not find shops on the road until you reach Kuri. From there you have to walk through the dense forest.

kalinchowk bhagwati

When there is no traffic, after climbing uphill for about five hours, we finally reach Kuri. Kuri is a place to stay. Many hotels have been opened here. After staying at Kuri, you can climb Kalinchok hill at 5/6 in the morning. It is difficult to climb steeply when the sun is shining.

You can also go here by reserving a motorcycle or car in winter. But the road is very dangerous. The stone path is very steep. It takes about three hours by car to go to this place by walking.

The dispute about who owns the land of community forest and Guthi, including Kuri around the temple, has not been resolved. Even in the midst of controversy, the Guthi-related Malpot Office has arranged for a priest to secure donations.

Map to kalinchowk bhagwati

How do people get to kalinchowk bhagwati?

Visitors can reach Kalinchowk by hiking uphill from the villages of Charikot or Kuri at the base of the mountain. Some also drive as far as possible before hiking up. A cable car now transports people from Kuri most of the way up.

Why do people visit kalinchowk bhagwati?

People visit Kalinchok as religious pilgrims seeking blessings, adventure trekkers drawn by the challenge, and tourists wanting to experience the cultural and natural significance of the site.

What amenities and infrastructure changes have improved access to Kalinchowk?

Better road connectivity, new lodges and hotels, facilities like the cable car, planned travel packages, and ongoing development to support tourism have opened up Kalinchowk to more visitors.

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