Visiting the Magnificent Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

Boudha stupa…. Pokhara, a beautiful tourist city, has many tourist attractions. Among the tourist destinations in and around Pokhara, the World Peace Stupa is a must-see destination for tourists. This stupa is located in Meen Thumki of Andudanda in the southwest of Pokhara.

Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

It is a very beautiful, peaceful and important religious tourist destination. About ninety percent of the foreign tourists who come to Pokhara come to see this stupa, while domestic tourists also have this place as their first choice of destination. With Machhapuchhre Himal, Sarangkot and Phewa Lake in its lap in the north, this stupa is a very picturesque tourist spot. Tourists say that when they reach the Japanese-style Shanti Stupa, which holds the bones of Gautama Buddha, they feel a sense of true peace.

Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

After entering the Stupa premises, it is not allowed to speak loudly, crowd and shout. Entry is prohibited for those wearing small clothes. After reaching the courtyard of the stupa, one has to take off the shoes and sandals and only then one can walk around it. Various flowers are blooming all around. Who fills the peace of the Stupa with fragrance. When you reach the stupa, you really feel a sense of peace. The cleanliness, the beautiful garden and the peaceful atmosphere make me enchanted.

Things to know about boudha stupa

The height of the stupa is 115 feet and the circumference is 344 feet. The stupa, which is famous for its beautiful view, is spread over an area of about twenty-two ropanis. At the front of the stupa, there is a special statue of the Buddha in Dharmachakra pravartana mudra made in Japan, in the west a Buddha statue in meditation mudra from Sri Lanka, in the north a 6-feet long Mahaparinirvana Buddha statue made of clay from Thailand and in the south direction a birth statue of Siddhartha made in Nepal.

Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

At the top of the stupa, a symbol of trident Bhuvan, a 13 storey (20 feet) high gajur, a gold lamp is placed and a large crystal stone is placed on the top of the gajur. Nichidatsu Fujii, the venerable guru of Nippon Jan Myohoji, laid the foundation stone for the construction of the stupa on Bhadra 27, 2030, and the birth idol of Siddhartha was placed in the prayer house of the stupa on December 13 of the same year.

It is said that when the stupa was being built, after its height was 35 feet, the then government tried to erase the name of the holy place citing the reason of town planning. According to local experts of the under-construction condition, the then Royal Nepali Army was mobilized to demolish the stupa.

Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

Even though the stupa was destroyed, the dream of building a stupa became stronger for the buddhists and peace-loving Nepalis here. Later on the 8th of June 2049, the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala laid the foundation stone again. This stupa, which was built after a lot of struggle, has now become a proud place for Pokhara’s tourism businessmen and local Buddhists.

How to Get to the World Peace Stupa

The World Peace Pagoda is located on Anadu Hill, about 2 kilometers southwest of Pokhara city. It is accessible by road, with the final stretch requiring a 20-30 minute hike along a steep forested trail.

Boudha Stupa in Pokhara, Nepal

Here are the best options to get there:

Taxi or private transport: Taxis can drive you up till the parking area which is the starting point for the hiking trail. This costs around Rs 800 from Pokhara city. Hotels can also arrange private transportation.

This is all about the Word peace stupa of Pokhara ! See you Guys in another article. till then take care.❤️

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