Nagarkot Nepal: Enjoy Mountain Views and Outdoor Fun Near Kathmandu

To get rid of the physical and mental fatigue of the week-long work, people adopt various entertainment methods. In which wandering is also considered an important source of entertainment. Observing a new place helps to remove the mental fatigue of a person and also to keep the body fit. Whether or not the holidays come or not, the question of ‘Where to go this year?’

Nagarkot can be viewed in a similar manner as the response to the query, “Where should I go and visit this year?” Nagarkot is a popular tourist destination with plenty of natural beauty that is close to the Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot is roughly 20 kilometers east of Bhaktapur and 32 km northeast of Kathmandu. Even in the summer, one may appreciate the pleasant atmosphere at this location, which is 2,775 meters above sea level.


Nagarkot is located in Changunarayan Municipality, which is located on the border between Kavre District and Bhaktapur District.

From this place full of natural beauty, when the weather is clear, you can see the beautiful Himalayas and Mount Everest in the north. Dhaulagiri Himalayan, Kanchenjunga Himalayan, Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Gourishankar, Choyu, Lhotse, Makalu Himal can also be seen from Nagarkot. As soon as they wake up in the morning, the smiling mountains make the hearts of the tourists giddy. In addition, the body feels a different kind of excitement when you can escape the heat of Kathmandu and walk in the cool climate.


Nagarkot Kamal Vinayak can also be reached by public transport, which has the facilities of standard to standard hotels and resorts for food and accommodation.

Surrounded by forests and forests from all sides, this beautiful place has been put on the list of places to visit by most of the people. One can reach Nagarkot to take a break from the busy and noisy life. Reaching the mountain in the morning and looking at the golden sun rising from the lap of the mountain, all the pains of the world are forgotten.

After reaching Nagarkot, one can visit Mahadev Kunda, Mahankal Temple, Kali Devi Temple, Jalpadevi Temple, Geeta Temple etc.


Some stories behind the naming of Nagarkot

In ancient times, a man used to take off his coat while trying to do some work at that place. But as some other people were looking at that coat, he started his work by saying ‘Nachla coat’. According to the local residents, the name Nagarkot came from the base called Nachalakot by the same person. It is understood that Nagarkot was corrupted from Nachalakot over time.

Similarly, in the western part of Nepal, there is a custom to call the highest part of the hill where Tamang, Magar Basti is located. This place is also called Nagarkot because of the residence of Tamang and because it is at a higher place from the city area. Nagarkot is a combination of two different words. If we look at that word in parts, it is understood that Nagar means city and Kot means high part.


According to another legend, after the victory of Ngarkot in 1801, Prithvi Narayan Shah handed over the control of Nagarkot to the king of Bhaktapur (his brother). Later, Nagarkot was developed as a Kot and there is also a statement that Nagarkot got its name because the city was in the form of a Kot.

Best Time to Visit

October to April offers the most pleasant weather in Nagrkot, apart from some winter chill and morning mist. Enjoy clear visibility of the mountains before the monsoon clouds roll in. Peak tourist seasons are autumn (October-November) and spring (March-April) when the skies are sparkling blue. Expect higher hotel rates and more crowds during these periods. While summers (May-June) can get hot, it remains cooler than Kathmandu. Nagarkot also comes alive with blooming red rhododendrons in summer. Just avoid the Monsoon months of July-August due to heavy rain.

Map to Nagarkot

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