Ninglashaini Temple Baitadi : Tourist heaven In Baitadi

Ninglashaini temple is one of the famous temples in Sudurpaschim Nepal. It is located in the heart of Dashrath municipality 09 Baitadi. The temple is 12 Km far from the Headquarter of Baitadi which takes around 30 minutes to reach.

The temple is also known as Ninglashaini Bhagwati temple and famous among Kaphlashaini, Ranshaini temples. It is the major tourist and religious Destination in Sudurpaschim. 

Ninglashaini temple is know as the main center for faith for Hindu, this holds a big fair every year on the occasion of Bada Dashain, Chaite Dashain, Anant chaturdasi & Purnima and Dhanya Purnima.

Ninglashaini Temple

Religious Significance

It is said that many year ago, while bathing the NInglashaini Bhagwati (Gaat) Dehimandu During Pooja, milk used to flow in the kalaun Ninglashaini Dudhkunda and Kheer (Rice Pudding) was cooked with that milk and offered to the Dehimandu Ninglashaini Bhagwati.

Ninglashaini Temple

Accordingly, it is understood based on the fact that Kalaun Ninglasaini Dugdhakunda and Dehimandau Niglashaini Bhagwati have the same power and origin at Kalaun Niglashaini Dughdakunda and Dehimandau is as a Bhagwati’s playground.

In this temple, on the Maha Ashtami days of Bada Dashain and Chaite Dashain, the largest number of male buffalo and goats are sacrificed. On the day of Maha Ashtami, it is customary to organize a Mela and offer sacrifices.

Pilgrims, devotees and tourists from most of the far western districts as well as from the neighboring country of India come to this temple to hold fairs and have darshan of Goddess Bhagwati.

Ninglashaini Bhagwati Temple, one of the seven Bhagwati sisters located in the far west, is becoming known as a very important place for tourists.

Map to Ninglashaini Temple

Ninglashaini Temple
Ninglashaini Temple


Where is Ninglashaini Temple located?

Ninglasaini Temple is located in Dasath municipality 2 Dehimandu.

What is the temple known for?

The Ninglasaini temple is known for its grand architecture, religious significance for Hindus, animal sacrifice rituals.

What is the architectural style of the temple?

Ninglasaini Temple showcases traditional Nepali temple architecture with soaring pagoda-style towers and intricate woodwork.

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Drone View of Ninglashini temple
Drone View of Ninglashini temple
Drone View of Ninglashini temple
Ninglashini temple

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