Tragic Story of the USS Arizona: What Happened at Pearl Harbor?

intro: USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship that was sunk during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. according to the books written on it, the ship was hit by four bombs. One of which detonated in its forward magazine causing a massive explosion that sank the ship in just nine minutes. 1,177 of the ship’s crew were killed there. Those who were died making it the deadliest single ship loss of the attack.

The tragic sinking of the USS Arizona left an indelible mark on the United States Navy. The incident forever changed the course of history. It served as a catalyst for uniting the nation in support of entering World War II. Today the remnants of this iconic ship rest peacefully at the depths of Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial stands as a poignant tribute. This memorial incident has become a beloved and highly-visited attraction in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

    Here is a brief information about the USS Arizona

    • On the morning of December 7, 1941, the USS Arizona was moored at Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor.
    • At around 7:55 AM, Japanese aircraft launched a surprise attack on the naval base.
    • The USS Arizona was hit by four bombs
    • The resulting explosion caused the ship to sink rapidly.
    • 1,177 of the ship’s crew were killed making the deadliest single ship loss of the attack.
    USS Arizona

    Pearl Harbor Attack: A Day of Infamy

    On that fateful day of December 7th, 1941 the world witnessed a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor a vital naval base for the United States Navy. Over 300 aircraft were part of this devastating assault, inflicting significant damage and leading to the sinking of multiple battleships the USS Arizona.

    USS Arizona: A Legacy of Sacrifice

    Commissioned in the year 1916 the USS Arizona had a significant role as a training ship and was among the Pennsylvania Class Battleships. It suffered the highest number of casualties during the attack with nearly half of its brave crew members losing their lives.

    Exploring the Arizona

    Inside the USS Arizona advanced features were in abundance including four triple turrets equipped with formidable 12-inch guns, capable of swiveling in all directions. The ship’s intricate structure encompassed the bow, stern, keel, propellers, rudder, and control stations. Also a heavily armored Conning Tower and smaller boats for transportation were also part of its design.

    Life and Technology Aboard the Arizona

    With a total of eight decks the US Arizona provided not only living quarters but also machinery spaces, storage areas, repair workshops, officer staterooms, handling areas, and powder magazines. Unlike the Titanic, this ship relied on oil as fuel and stored it in various compartments. These divergent technological choices showcased the significant advancements in naval engineering.

    A Place of Remembrance

    Built atop the sunken battleship the USS Arizona Memorial holds immense significance as both a historical landmark and a resting place for the gallant crew members who made the ultimate sacrifice. Every year millions of visitors pay their respects at this iconic site. People visit here commemorating not only the initial setback but also the eventual triumph during World War II.


    Why is the USS Arizona Memorial significant?

    The US Arizona Memorial is a place of great historical significance as it rests atop the sunken battleship and serves as a tribute to the crew members who lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attack. It commemorates the initial setback and eventual victory in World War II.

    What was the role of the USS Arizona in the United States Navy before the attack?

    Commissioned in 1916, the US Arizona served as a training ship and belonged to the Pennsylvania Class Battleships. It played a crucial role in preparing naval personnel for service.

    How did the USS Arizona sink during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

    The Arizona was struck by a bomb during the Pearl Harbor attack, which ignited a massive explosion in its ammunition magazine. This catastrophic event led to the ship’s sinking.

    What are some key features of the USS Arizona?

    The US Arizona was equipped with four triple turrets housing 12-inch guns capable of rotating in any direction. Its structure included the bow, stern, keel, propellers, and rudder. Additionally, it had control stations, a heavily armored Conning Tower, and smaller boats for transportation.

    How do the USS Arizona and the Titanic differ in terms of technology and fuel use?

    Unlike the Titanic, which used coal as fuel, the US Arizona relied on oil. This distinction in fuel choice was one of the technological advancements in naval engineering during that era.

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