A Day in the Life of a Tibetan Mother: Near Mount Everest

Welcome to the serene and captivating world near Mount Everest where everyday life unfolds against the backdrop of the world’s highest peak. today we are here in Tibet and tell you about the daily routine of Tashi, a 24-year-old resident who lives near Mount Everest’s winter village. As we uncover the unique experiences, traditions, and breathtaking landscape of this remote region let’s dive into the topic.


A Heartwarming Start to the Day 🌞

Tashi’s day starts early caring for her one-year-old son, a heartwarming sight as she changes his diapers. She lives with her parents while her husband works in Lhasa during the summer providing the family’s primary income.


Traditional Tibetan Life 🙏

Tashi’s parents Doma and Tenzin, begin their day with a heartfelt prayer for the happiness of all sentient beings. They live in two houses one they built themselves a decade ago and another built by the government. The sense of community is evident as neighbors help each other with various tasks, be it farming or building houses.

Farming Tradition 🚜

One remarkable aspect of this village is its commitment to traditional farming methods. The villagers used horses and yaks instead of tractors. At an altitude of 4,800 meters, they mainly cultivate barley a staple of Tibetan cuisine.

Tashi’s Daily Responsibilities

Tashi juggles multiple roles from caring for her son to managing her homestay at Everest Base Camp. Her day includes cleaning, cooking, and weaving colorful braids which symbolize her marital status. Recent studies show a significant increase in women’s roles in Tibet with 70% of mothers now working compared to less than 10% three decades ago.

Animals in Tashi’s life 🐏

Animals play a crucial role in Tashi’s life. She milks her cows and yaks daily, turning the milk into butter, a traditional Tibetan practice. Her appreciation for nature is evident as she regularly burns incense, following Tibetan traditions.


Tashi’s specialty is making pancakes, a daily treat for her son. Tibetan cuisine relies heavily on high-calorie meats like beef, mutton, and yak. it is because of the need to withstand the cold at high altitudes. However, convenient transportation has made vegetables more accessible in recent years.

Evening time

After lunch, Tashi tends to her sheep and takes her son to the hot springs—a cherished part of her day. In her spare time, she knits sweaters and enjoys conversations with her mother. Her father returns home in the evening to pass on traditional Tibetan knowledge, including dance and songs.

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Sagada Festival Preparations

The day concludes with Tashi preparing a nutritious meal, Baliso soup, for her family. She also assists in creating prayer flags for the upcoming Sagada Festival, a significant event in Tibetan Buddhism.

As we bid farewell to this enchanting corner of the world near Mount Everest, we hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Tashi’s daily life. It’s a testament to the enduring traditions, strong sense of community, and breathtaking beauty that define life in this remote Tibetan village. Thank you for joining us on this journey into the heart of Tibet.


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