Norway Road Trip: Explore Majestic Landscapes on an Epic Journey

Norway Road Trip

Hey there, adventure seekers! Norway’s got some seriously awesome stuff to check out—majestic fjords, epic waterfalls, towering peaks, and breathtaking Arctic wilderness. Join us on the Grand Norwegian Road Trip. We will share a trip that is a 10-week, 14,000-kilometer journey through the heart of this amazing country.

Norway Road Trip

Southern Charms

Our road trip began as we disembarked from a ferry in Kristiansand, a quaint port town. Instead of lingering, we set our course for the countryside, going to Kap Lindesnes, Norway’s southernmost point. The journey was peppered with scenic gravel roads, sunshine-soaked coastal drives, and glimpses of historic settlements like Helleren. Stavanger, a modern city fueled by offshore oil fields, marked our first encounter with rainfall.

Norway Road Trip


Lysevegen, a winding road through alpine landscapes, introduced us to the grandeur of Norway. Smooth rock surfaces, bubbling streams, and herds of sheep painted a picturesque scene. The road descended toward Lysefjord, known for its towering 1-kilometer-high cliffs. Our hike to Kjeragbolten, a famed rocky viewpoint, promised mesmerizing views, though rain and fog had other plans.

Norway Road Trip

Camping by Lysefjord’s Shoreline

Our campsite along the Lysefjord shoreline offered uninterrupted views of this monumental fjord. Despite unpredictable weather, and occasional moments of sunshine we revealed the fjord’s splendor. Nearby, Preikestolen, a rock pulpit with staggering cliffs, awaited hikers, although it was a popular spot.

Norway Road Trip

Heading Towards North

We set out for the north, leaving Lysefjord behind. We passed huge waterfalls, came across 19th-century agricultural structures, and found an introvert’s dream cottage. Even amid the downpour, vast panoramas were accessible via narrow gravel roads. The mist-covered landscapes of Norway echoed the power of the glacial ages that had created this land.

Norway Road Trip

Langfossen and the Hardangerfjord

Langfossen, one of Earth’s highest waterfalls at 612 meters, left us in awe. We reached the shores of Hardangerfjord, known for its orchards and occasional sunshine. Further up a mountain road, we stumbled upon a ski resort where athletes trained in the summer. Pure mountain water filled our tanks.

Norway Road Trip

Barren Beauty of Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda, a barren plateau of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, awaited our exploration. Hiking and cross-country routes provided access to this treeless expanse. We left civilization behind, immersing ourselves in the untamed spirit of the environment.

Norway Road Trip

Aurlandsfjellet and Borgund Stave Church

Returning to Aurlandsfjellet, we witnessed a transformation from frozen lakes to summer landscapes. Along the way, we discovered Borgund Lom Stave Church (Norwegian: Lom stavkyrkje), an 800-year-old wooden church adorned with dragon motifs—a testament to Norway’s rich history.

Norway Road Trip

Galdhøpiggen: Norway’s Highest Peak

Our journey took us to Galdhøpiggen, Norway’s highest peak, where we hiked through challenging terrain and shifting weather conditions. Despite the clouds at the summit, the experience was unforgettable.

Lustrafjorden and Sognefjellet

Descending from Galdhøpiggen, we encountered Lustrafjorden’s turquoise waters, fed by glacial streams. The drive across Sognefjellet revealed the magnificence of Norway’s landscapes, transitioning from snow to summer.

Nærøyfjord, Bergen, and Northern Exploration

Nærøyfjord, with its steep walls and waterfalls, epitomized the beauty of Norway’s fjords. A visit to Bergen, a historic Hanseatic League trading post, offered a glimpse into Norway’s past.

Northern Wilderness

Heading northward, we ventured into remote areas, where mountain trails led us to tranquil landscapes and the elusive ptarmigan. Norway’s fascination with hyttes, and recreational cabins, became apparent as we explored the countryside.

A Journey’s End: Fjords and Mountain Roads

Our road trip brought us to the awe-inspiring Geiranger Fjord, known for its steep walls and waterfalls. Trollstigen, a switchback mountain road, provided stunning views. Finally, we experienced the tranquility of Norway’s lakes and valleys, concluding our adventure.

Norway’s grandeur, diverse landscapes, and ever-changing weather made this road trip an unforgettable journey. From southern charms to northern wilderness, every twist and turn of the road revealed the beauty of this temperamental empress of the North. Norway has left an indelible mark on our hearts, a place where nature reigns supreme.


When is the best time to visit Norway?

Summer is the best time to visit Norway. In summer you can enjoy the midnight sun, winter for the Northern Lights, but Norway is beautiful year-round.

What are the must-see places in Norway?

Geirangerfjord, Lysefjord, Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Bergen are the must-see places in Norway

What should I pack for a road trip in Norway?

You Should pack Rain gear, warm clothes, comfortable shoes, and camping gear for a Road trip in Norway.

What are some tips for driving in Norway?

You have to Obey speed limits, yield to traffic on the right, be careful on narrow roads, and be prepared for all weather conditions for driving in Norway

What are some tips for saving money on a road trip in Norway?

To save money you have to Cook your own meals, stay in hostels or campgrounds, take advantage of free activities, and purchase a Norway Pass.

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