Unveiling the Mystique of Surma Sarovar: Bajhang’s Hidden Gem

If you were to imagine the most exquisite travel destination, one that seems like it’s been painted with the finest strokes of nature’s brush, then Surma Sarovar in Bajhang would undoubtedly fit the bill. Nestled between the mountains, this bewitching paradise stands as a testament to the magnificence of the Himalayan region. From its captivating landscapes to the intriguing legends that envelop it, Surma Sarovar is a journey that transcends mere travel; it’s an immersion into the heart of nature’s splendor and history’s mysteries.

Unveiling the Magnificence: Surma Sarovar Lake

Surma Sarovar Lake, situated at an altitude ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 meters, boasts a pristine environment that beckons both explorers and seekers of tranquility. The surrounding mountains exude a gentle grandeur, while the fragrant blooms of various flowers infuse the air with an intoxicating aroma. The vibrant hues of the landscape are reminiscent of a canvas painted by an artist’s dream, captivating the minds of all who set foot here.

Surma Sarovar

Symphony of Nature’s Elements

The melodic symphony of Surma Sarovar consists of numerous factors – patterned spires, towering mountains, and murmuring streams. The sound of Kanchan water gushing via the mountain’s embrace conjures up interest, even as waterfalls cascading down the verdant hills create an awe-inspiring spectacle. As you traverse the terrain, the mild heady scent of floor plants graces the air, enhancing the immersive enjoy.

nature of Surma Sarovar

Treasures of the Earth

Beyond its captivating beauty, Surma Sarovar holds invaluable treasures. The land is adorned with valuable herbs such as yarsagumba, wild garlic, and panchaumle – potent remedies for complex ailments. This region truly stands as a haven of nature’s bounty, promising both solace and healing.

Mythical Echoes: Legends and Beliefs

This captivating lake derives its name from the revered Surmadevi, the younger sister of Navarduga. It is believed to be her playground, a place where mythical tales and reality intertwine. The legend adds an air of mystique to the already enchanting aura of Surma Sarovar.

Beliefs of Surma Sarovar

The Tale of Burning Gold

Another captivating legend speaks of Surmadevi’s act of burning a gold processing urn, a creation of Jai Prithvi Bahadur Singh, at a place known as Bhuktoli. Locals attest that the spot where the urn was burnt remains devoid of plant life, lending credence to the tale. This narrative adds a layer of historical intrigue to the natural beauty of the area.

Surma Devi Temple: A Place of Devotion

Adjacent to the Surma Sarovar Lake lies the respected Surma Devi temple, a spiritual haven for pilgrims searching for divine benefits. The Saun Ekadashi honest, held at this sacred site, attracts devotees who have interact in natural vegetarian practices and look at Brahmachari rules, symbolizing their devotion to the goddess.

Surma Devi Temple

Spiritual Practices and Rituals

The pilgrimage to Surma Sarovar includes a meticulously deliberate collection of rituals. Devotees begin their journey from Chainpur, accomplishing Ghogada to carry out puja. The subsequent days entail bathing, worship, and prayers at various places, culminating in a spiritually enriching revel in.

Spritual practise in Surma sarovar

Cleansing Waters and Fulfilled Wishes

Surma Sarovar is believed to possess the power to cleanse individuals of their sins. A sacred tradition sees the people of Bajhang immersing themselves in the lake’s waters from Ekadashi to Trayodashi in the month of July. The belief in Goddess Jaladevi’s abode adjacent to the temple adds an element of hope, with pilgrims seeking the fulfillment of their desires.

Historical Anecdotes

Legends breathe existence into history, and Surma Sarovar is not any exception. The tale of Surmadevi and her sister Durga dividing shares and planting paddy in Thali showcases the deep roots of history embedded inside the region’s panorama. The remnants of that time, as preserved inside the panorama, hold to captivate and intrigue.

A Visual Symphony

Surma sarovar formed like a human eye, captures the imagination with its natural artistry. The surrounding wildflowers forged a kaleidoscope of colors, enhancing the lake’s airy beauty. As you traverse the Surma Sarovar region, the harmonious mixture of non-secular narratives and natural marvels transports you to a realm in which time stands nevertheless.

Navigating the Path Less Traveled

To reach this splendid paradise, one must embark on a journey from Bajhang’s headquarters, Chainpur. A four-hour car ride followed by a day’s walk leads to the picturesque Surma village. Temporary settlements and vibrant tents, a hallmark of the fair, add an air of festivity to the journey.

surma sarovar

Journey to Surma Sarovar

Multiple routes lead to Surma Sarovar, each with its unique charm. While the path from Bahuli Gad via Dogadi offers a shorter journey, the trail via Daulichaur presents a longer but safer route. The hospitable locals, known for their wisdom and warmth, add to the overall experience, making your pilgrimage both enriching and rewarding.

In the include of Surma Sarovar’s splendor and history, time seems to lose its maintenance. The attraction of this hidden gem invites all who are searching for an escape from the mundane, communion with nature, and a hint of the divine. As you put foot on this hallowed ground, you embark on a journey of discovery – one which unfurls each the pages of history and the blossoms of nature’s grandeur.

Map Of Surma Sarovar

Is Surma Sarovar accessible year-round?

Surma Sarovar is best visited between March and June, offering favorable weather conditions and the opportunity to witness the Saun Ekadashi fair.

Are there accommodations available near Surma Sarovar?

Along the pilgrimage routes, you’ll find small seasonal hotels and inns where you can stay during your journey.

What rituals are observed during the pilgrimage?

The pilgrimage involves a sequence of rituals, including bathing, worship, and prayers at specific locations, all dedicated to seeking blessings from Surma Devi.

Can I visit Surma Sarovar during the fair?

Yes, visiting during the Saun Ekadashi fair allows you to experience the spiritual ambiance and cultural festivities of the region.

What is the significance of Surma Sarovar’s shape?

Surma Sarovar’s shape, resembling a human eye, adds to its allure, making it a visually captivating natural wonder.

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