The Magnificent Melauli Bhagwati Mandir of Baitadi, Nepal

Melauli Bhagwati Temple is situated in the beautiful Duwachaur of 134 Ropani under Melauli Municipality under Tallo Swarad of Baitadi District, Sudurpaschim Province. This temple, located 12 kosh south from the district headquarters of Baitadi district, is built in pagoda style.

The temple is Located at a height of about 1700 meters above sea level, this temple is a beautiful piece of art. The region has a temperate climate. This temple can be reached by helicopter after a journey of 30 kilometers by vehicles running on the Patan Melauli section of the Patan Pancheswar road. The last reconstruction work of this temple, which has also been done from time to time, was started in the year 2038 B.S. and was completed in 2043 B.S.

The Melauli Bhagwati temple is Considered the famous Shaktipeeth, the main worship of Melauli Bhagwati takes place on the Katrtik Shukla Chaturdashi, Asauj Navratri and Chaitra Navratri.

The authority of the priest extends through Ojha, Joshi, Bagh, Paintola to the Bhatta Brahmins of Pali. A fair is also held here during the festival of Gaura and devotees come all day long, but the festival held on the days of Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi and Purnima is remarkable.

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the devotees who come from different parts of Nepal and India to fill the fair in thousands. Deuda connoisseurs are addicted to Deuda day and night. Dol Jatra is also important. On the morning of the full moon at the time of sunrise, pilgrims come from far and wide to witness the unique sight of the Dhami burning for about an hour. The social significance of this festival is also that it reunites separated family members and separated friends.

Melauli Bhagwati

The Legend Behind Melauli Bhagwati Mandir

According to legend, the Melauli Bhagwati Mandir was established in the 11th century. During this period, Hindu-Muslim tensions were rising in India. To protect their Sanatan Dharma, the Katyura clan from Kumaon migrated to Kalitari in Nepal.

Every day, the villagers would take their cattle to graze in the forest. At dusk, they returned via the dangerous Simpad cliff and the easier Siroda trail. Strangely, their cows produced no milk at home although they fed all day.

The villagers grew suspicious and posted a shepherd to observe the cows. He discovered the cattle squirting milk over a rock in the Gwalekdhura bushes. Astounded, the owner surmised the rock held mystical powers.

He decided to carry the rock to the Mahakali River. But upon reaching the present temple site, he felt an urge to urinate. Placing the rock on the ground, he went to relieve himself. Returning, he found water trickling where the rock had been placed!

Melauli Bhagwati

Convinced this was the rock’s miraculous doing, the man installed it for worship. The temple was built around the enshrined rock, which remains visible today. Locals believe the temple sprang over the spot where the divine rock granted water.

Traveling to Melauli Bhagwati Mandir

The nearest airport is Dhangadhi, which has flights from Kathmandu and regional hubs. From there, take a bus or jeep to Baitadi district headquarters. The temple is 30 km away, connected by buses and shared jeeps plying the Patan-Melauli route.

The road quality is decent but the last stretch is quite steep. During monsoons, the grounds may get slippery. So travel carefully or hire a 4WD vehicle if possible.

Accommodation options range from budget lodges to mid-range hotels in the Melauli Bazaar nearby. Limited amenities are available around the temple too.

Spiritual Bliss at Melauli Bhagwati Mandir

The Melauli Bhagwati Mandir stands as a timeless monument to traditional temple architecture. Its remote hilltop location only enhances the mystical atmosphere. The natural beauty that engulfs the shrine is sure to elevate your mood.

As you get lost in the spiritual aura, with the distant mountains blessing you, a sense of divine calm descends. The power of faith in the goddess is palpable, especially during festivities when thousands unite in devotion. Forget your worries and open your heart to the positive, healing energy that pervades this holy abode.

Whether you’re religious or not, visiting Melauli Bhagwati Mandir is sure to be a magical experience. Let the divine mother goddess Bhagwati bless you with happiness, prosperity and the pure contentment that arises from being one with nature.

Melauli Bhagwati
Melauli Bhagwati

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