Conquering the Thrilling Bhairavgad Trek in Maharashtra

Can you imagine standing on top of a mountain peak, with steep rugged cliffs on the sides, wind in your hair, and a view that stretches out for miles? That rush of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment is what awaits as we attempt the Bhairavgad trek, one of Maharashtra’s most thrilling climbs!

Reaching the Base Village

We’re heading into the lush green Western Ghat mountains, ready for an offbeat adventure. Our destination is Bhairavgad Fort, which promises a heart-thumping climb and truly amazing views. I’m told the trek has been gaining popularity with adventure-junkie travelers like us! We’ll be driving from Pune, passing through little villages and green fields till the landscape changes and dense forests with towering peaks signal we’re nearing those gorgeous Ghats.


First things first, we meet our guide Prakash over a quick breakfast. He really knows his mountains! Prakash tells us about the trail ahead and what gear would be absolutely essential. Good hiking shoes and poles – check. Headlamps in case it gets dark – check. Some snacks just in case our energy dies halfway up the mountain (just kidding…I hope!) – double check. Safety first is his mantra. Our climb starts from a temple near the fort, where we say little prayers asking for an adventurous yet safe journey up the trail. And here we go!

Beginning the Ascent

The initial part of the trek goes through a dense forest with minimal sunlight filtering in. The shade provides much-needed respite from the afternoon heat. We navigate through some tricky sections with loose rocks and tree roots poking out. Prakash advises us to watch our step and use the hiking poles for support.


After an hour of the forest walk, we emerge into a clearing. And what views! We are awarded with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The Sahyadri ranges stretch out as far as the eyes can see, with patches of fog drifting lazily between the peaks.

We pause to grab some stunning drone shots of the landscape and capture this fairytale scene with our cameras.

Conquering the Infamous Steps

Our rest over, we continue along the ridge line towards the base of the Bhairavgad pinnacle. This is where the real challenge lies. The trail now consists of extremely narrow steps leading up to the summit, with steep drops on both sides.

The steps have been carved out of the mountain face itself. Some sections have railings to grab onto, but a few stretches have no protection at all. We tread slowly, keeping close to the mountain wall. A momentary slip can send you hurtling hundreds of feet down the valley.


After an arduous climb made more difficult by the blazing afternoon sun, we finally conquer the summit. And what payoff! We are greeted by a tiny temple and a natural rock water tank filled with crystal clear water.

We gulp down the refreshing water and relax on the grassy meadow watching the shadowsdance on the neighboring peaks. The satisfaction of having completed this challenging ascent washes over us as we take in themagnificent surroundings. Truly a trekker’s paradise!

Descending Through History

We learn that the Bhairavgad route once connected important trade centers across medieval kingdoms. In its heydays, traders would use this passage to transport spices, textiles, and other valuables between seaports on the coast and settlements in the Deccan hinterland.

As we descend along this ancient trail, we cannot help but imagine the camel caravans, weary travelers, and local tribes that would once have crossed these very mountains. Like them, we too depend on the same streams for water and make our way over the weathered steps carved centuries ago.


Past and present blend together as we walk in the footsteps of history, experiencing the living heritage of the Sahyadris.

Know Before You Go

So if you are an adventure seeker looking to push your limits, the Bhairavgad trek offers challenges aplenty. But make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for this tough climb. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Gear Up – Wear shoes with proper grip and ankle support. Trekking poles and headlamps are a must. Carry light, quick-dry clothes and tactical gloves to safely hold on to rocks when needed.

Local Connect – Hire an experienced guide well-versed with the route, terrain, and weather patterns. Their expertise can prove invaluable.

Fitness Check – Excellent balance and stable core strength will help tackle the steep, narrow stretches. If you feel uncomfortable at heights, it’s best to build fitness progressively before attempting this trek.

So gear up for this adrenaline-pumping adventure in the majestic Western Ghats! From testing your balance on narrow ridges to witnessing magical sunrises over mist-covered valleys, the Bhairavgad Fort trek promises excitement around every bend. Ready to conquer it?

FAQs About Bhairavgad

1. Where is Bhairavgad fort located?

The Bhairavgad fort is nestled high up in the Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra, around 100 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Pune.

2. How difficult is the Bhairavgad trek?

With steep, narrow climbing stretches and very few safety railings, the Bhairavgad trek is rated difficult. Good technique, fitness, and mental grit are essential to complete the climb.

3. What is the best time for the Bhairavgad trek?

The winter and monsoon seasons are apt for the Bhairavgad trek. Summers can get very hot. Ensure there is no active rain forecast on the day you plan to climb.

4. What should I carry for the Bhairavgad trek?

Carry good trekking shoes, 2-3 liters of water, high energy snacks, cap/hat, extra pair of clothes, first aid kit, headlamp, and power bank. Do not carry valuables.

5. Can a beginner attempt the Bhairavgad trek?

Beginners can attempt this trek but having prior high altitude hiking experience would definitely be an added advantage. Also, one must be physically fit to complete the climb within stipulated time.

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