The Mesmerizing Beauty of Ramaroshan, Nepal: A Paradise on Earth

Nestled high in the mountains of Achham district in far-western Nepal lies a hidden gem – the breathtakingly beautiful region of Ramaroshan. Known for its crystal clear lakes, verdant meadows, diverse wildlife, and mythological significance, Ramaroshan is nature’s masterpiece and a travelers’ paradise.


As you traverse along the hilly trails towards Ramaroshan, the fresh mountain air fills your lungs. With every step, the scenic views become even more spectacular. Finally, you arrive at a vantage point and the majestic sight leaves you spellbound!


A Land of Myths and Legends

Ramaroshan isn’t just a visual treat but also has an intriguing mythology associated with it.

As per local legends, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati once lived in this region. Pleased by the prayers of two brothers – Rama and Roshan – Shiva protected them from a violent demon by tying it to a pillar amidst a lake. Later, the area came to be known as Rama-Roshan, which over time transformed into the name Ramaroshan.

Such mystical connections add to the charm of Ramaroshan, making it feel nothing short of a spiritual abode blessed by the gods themselves.


Natural Wonders Galore

Ramaroshan lies between 2050 to 3792 meters above sea level and spans the eastern parts of the Kailash Himalayan range. Within this high-altitude mountainous belt exists mind-boggling biodiversity waiting to be explored.

The Twelve Spectacular Lakes

The crowning glory of Ramaroshan is its 12 pristine lakes, aptly called ‘Bahr Bund’ meaning 12 lakes. Crystal clear waters, green mountain reflections, ducks swimming by and thick forests lining these lakes make for picture-perfect scenes.

The largest lake is Jigale Lake shaped like the letter ‘C’. Trekking along its perimeter gives you stunning panoramic vistas. Blue waters merge with the skies on the horizon as you walk along trails covered in vibrant wildflowers.

Other gems are Batule Lake, Taune Lake, Ragade Lake, Lissedali Lake, Gagre Lake and more. Their unique charm and serenity make them nature’s very own artworks.


Lush Meadows Home to Endangered Species

Sprawling across hundreds of hectares are grassy plateaus like the Kinimini Plain. These high-altitude wetlands burst into myriad shades of green during spring and summer.

The rich grasslands and marshes serve as the habitat for endangered fauna like the Satyr Tragopan (national bird), musk deer, goral and more. Several species of pheasants, eagles, vultures circle the skies as yaks and Himalayan tahrs graze peacefully. These sights evoke a raw and earthy joy.

During autumn, carpets of gold and red hues replace the green as millions of wildflowers blankets the landscape. Walking through such vibrant and lively grasslands is an unforgettable experience.


Origins of the Mighty Kailash River

The icy waters of Ramaroshan also give birth to Nepal’s Kailash River. Originating from small streams and wetlands, this river grows mightier as it descends, eventually becoming a lifeline for people in lower regions. Observing the humble beginnings of this great river is humbling and insightful.

Cascading Waterfalls And Hidden Caves

Countless cascading waterfalls gushing down massive boulders conjure magical scenery. Crystal droplets and misty sprays refresh both the soil and souls. One can spend hours mesmerized by their raw beauty and ever-flowing abundance.

Ancient limestone caves formed by the rivers offer another element of surprise and adventure. Believed to hold spiritual powers, these dark caverns see few human feet. Exploring them transports you into hidden realms where geological and human history merges.

Such natural diversity contained within a single region is truly a remarkable geological phenomenon that will continue to attract nature lovers for ages.


Cultural Plethora

Adding charm to Ramaroshan’s visual allure is the culture of its hardy local tribes like the Byansi and Khampas. Their authentic handicrafts, folk dances, music, food, and festivals give you insights into indigenous living.

Observing their sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature serves as a great source of learning. Instead of exploiting their habitat, they coexist gracefully with all elements using tried and tested traditions. Their resilient spirit and ecological consciousness have invaluable lessons for mankind.

Experiencing authentic rural life set amidst breathtaking landscapes creates priceless memories to cherish.


Promising Tourism Potential

Despite boasting wondrous biodiversity and cultural wealth, Ramaroshan still flies under the radar with minimal tourist activity. This is primarily due to inadequate infrastructure and lack of promotional efforts.

However, focused development of this region for ecotourism can unlock great socio-economic progress. Sensitive planning that sustains ecological integrity can make Ramaroshan an attractive travel destination. Regulated tourism activity can generate local employment and uplift the community’s standard of living.

This magical haven undoubtedly warrants conservation by creating a protected area status. Simultaneously providing appropriate road connectivity, electricity, hotels and other tourism infrastructure can bring prosperity. Strict policies should govern tourism operations so visitors enjoy pristine environs minus exploitation.


Ecotourism done right has demonstrated immense fruitful outcomes worldwide. When the local ecology isn’t negatively impacted, the symbiotic relationship between nature and humans thrives ushering progress. Ramaroshan serves as the perfect site to adopt regenerative tourism for celebrating our shared natural heritage.


Ramaroshan’s spellbinding vistas have the power to move your soul and make you fall hopelessly in love! Its rich repository of natural and cultural treasures creates profound joy and meaning. One visit to this corner of the planet leaves you transformed, more attuned to life’s precious gifts.

So come, let your inner explorer entice you towards the heavenly abode of Ramaroshan. Let your senses feast on its delights as you build lifelong memories amidst newfound friends. This truly is paradise found!

Map to Ramaroshan

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ramaroshan located?

Ramaroshan is located in the Achham district of far-western Nepal, about 450 km west of Kathmandu. It lies in a mountainous region 2050 to 3792 meters above sea level.

How do I get to Ramaroshan?

You can reach Ramaroshan by road via Dhangadhi, Dipayal, Sanfebagar and Timilsain. The last stretch requires trekking on foot for 3-4 hours. Alternatively, go via Surkhet-Kalikot and trek through forests.

What is unique about Ramaroshan?

Ramaroshan boasts exceptional natural diversity – 12 crystal clear lakes, sprawling grasslands, birthplace of Kailash River along with vibrant local culture. Its mythological significance as the former home of Shiva-Parvati adds to its charm.

What endangered wildlife species are found here?

Ramaroshan is home to endangered fauna like the Satyr Tragopan (national bird), musk deer, goral and more species of pheasants, mammals, reptiles and over 150 birds.

Why should Ramaroshan be promoted as a tourist destination?

Ramaroshan is blessed with breathtaking landscapes housing rich biodiversity and culture. Regulated tourism can support its conservation while boosting the local economy and community sustenance. Its ecology merits preservation and sensitive tourism development.

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