Riding to Upper Mustang on Vintage Bikes

journey to Upper Mustang

Embarking on an extraordinary adventure, daring travelers set out on vintage motorcycles to explore the rugged and breathtaking landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal. Our journey takes us through challenging terrains, suspension bridges, and high altitudes, offering viewers an immersive experience of their incredible ride.

Upper Mustang

Day 1: Kathmandu to Lete

On day two of our trip from Khusma to Lete, we encountered the longest suspension bridge in Nepal, the Gandaki Golden Bridge. Amidst challenging off-road conditions and adventurous moments, crossing the Beg Khola River proved to be a true test of our skills. The main road closure forced us to change our route, leading to unexpected detours and mesmerizing sights. With the help of fellow bikers, we triumphantly overcame bike damage and successfully crossed the growing river.

Our journey to Upper Mustang is not without its challenges. From Kathmandu, we hit the road, facing a mix of road conditions, including some off-road stretches. As the monsoon season adds mud and dirt to their path, the team continues their ride with enthusiasm.

Upper Mustang

Day 2: Facing the Elements

We face unpredictable weather conditions, steep terrains, and treacherous river crossings. we have provided here a sense of the adventurers’ experience. We witness moments of excitement and fear, from bikes falling to overcoming strong currents.

The Kali Gandaki Gorge, an uphill challenge, is also extreme during the journey to Upper Mustang. The bikes’ struggle on this uphill path is portrayed vividly, emphasizing the importance of maintaining lower gears. We see how the tires’ design becomes a critical factor, providing grip on the muddy trails.

Upper Mustang

Day 3: Triumphs and Setbacks

The journey takes an unexpected turn as one of the bikes starts leaking engine oil. However, the riders manage to fix it and continue their thrilling expedition. With a glimpse of the famous apples from Mustang, the adventurers savor the local produce, adding unique flavors to their journey.

Day 4: Reaching Lomanthang

After overcoming various obstacles, including a minor accident and bike issues, we successfully reached Lomanthang, marking a significant milestone in their adventure. We capture joy and accomplishment at this high-altitude destination.

Upper Mustang

Day 5: Arrival at Kora La Border

finally, we achieve our goal as we arrive at the Kora La Border, reaching a staggering elevation of 4660 meters. The vintage bikes, Honda CG 125 and Honda CD 100, prove their mettle, defying the odds and impressing onlookers.

Upper Mustang

Enclosing journey

In this blog post, we showcase a remarkable journey filled with challenges, camaraderie, and the triumph of the human spirit. Riding vintage motorcycles through some of the most demanding terrains in Upper Mustang. these adventurers have proven that with determination, even the oldest bikes can conquer the highest mountains. This awe-inspiring journey is a testament to the power of adventure, resilience, and the joy of exploration.


What were the key challenges faced during the motorcycle adventure to Upper Mustang?

The adventurers faced several challenges, including unpredictable weather, steep terrains, river crossings, and issues with vintage motorcycles. They had to overcome mud, dirt, and strong currents, making the journey demanding and thrilling.

How did the vintage motorcycles, Honda CG 125 and Honda CD 100, perform on this challenging journey?

Despite being vintage bikes, the Honda CG 125 and Honda CD 100 demonstrated their durability and reliability throughout the adventure. They overcame off-road conditions and high altitudes, impressing both the riders and onlookers.

What were the highlights of the adventure in Upper Mustang?

Some of the highlights of this remarkable adventure included reaching Lomanthang and the Kora La Border, savoring the famous apples of Mustang, and memorable encounters with locals and other travelers. The journey’s achievements and moments of joy are also noteworthy.

How long did the entire journey from Kathmandu to Kora La Border take?

The adventurers began their journey from Kathmandu and reached the Kora La Border in five days. This journey included various stops, adventures, and challenges along the way.

What role did the tires of the motorcycles play in the success of this adventure?

The design of the tires on the vintage motorcycles proved essential for providing grip on muddy and challenging terrains. The blog post emphasizes how these tires contributed to the bikes’ performance throughout the journey.

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