Mystical Purnagiri Temple: A Sacred Journey to Divine Blessings

Are you prepared to embark on a voyage that not offers awe inspiring views but also connects you to ancient tales of deities? In this article we will explore the captivating realm of the Purnagiri Temple, a treasure, among the 108 Siddha Peeths, located near the Nepal border in Uttarakhand, India.


Are you a seeker of divine blessings and spiritual solace? If yes, then the Purnagiri Temple is a destination that should top your list. Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of the Champawat district in Uttarakhand, this temple holds not only historical significance but also resonates with the whispers of ancient legends.

The Divine Location

Situated at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet above sea level, the Purnagiri Temple stands tall as a testament to faith and devotion. It lies just 20 kilometers away from Tanakpur, a town that enjoys direct bus connectivity with major cities like Lucknow, Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, and Kanpur, making the journey accessible and convenient for pilgrims from across the country.

Purnagiri Temple

Journey to Serenity

Your journey to the Purnagiri Temple starts with a 3-kilometer trek from Tunyas, a small village situated 17 kilometers from Tanakpur. As you traverse the hilly terrain, each step brings you closer to a realm of spiritual bliss. The trek, though moderately challenging, is rewarded with breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment as you approach the temple’s sanctum.

on The way to Purnagiri Temple

Establishment of Purnagiri Temple

The origins of the Purnagiri Temple are intertwined with Hindu mythology. According to ancient texts, when Lord Shiva carried the remains of Mata Parvati’s body through the cosmos, her navel fell on the Purna mountain in the Champawat district. This auspicious event led to the establishment of the temple, becoming a sacred haven for devotees seeking blessings from the divine mother.

Legend of Purnagiri Temple

The Purnagiri Temple holds a mesmerizing tale from the Mahabharata period. It is believed that the golden mountain, upon which the temple stands, was formed as a result of the Pandavas’ worship of Goddess Bhagwati near the Bhramkund. A grand yagya organized by Bhramma in Bhramdev Mandi is said to have contributed to the temple’s radiant aura.

The “Temple of Liars”

One intriguing story that echoes through the temple’s halls is that of the “Temple of Liars.” Legend has it that a childless man, after dreaming of the goddess, promised to build a gold temple for her in exchange for a child. However, he reneged on his promise, resulting in a copper temple being erected. The temple’s name serves as a reminder of the consequences of deceit, resonating through mythological times to the present day.

jhute kaa mandir

The Legend of Siddha Baba Temple

Siddha Baba, a revered saint, finds his tale interwoven with the Purnagiri Temple’s legacy. The legend speaks of a sadhu struggling to reach the temple’s peak, only to be blessed by Mata Purnagiri herself. Renamed Siddha Baba, he became a beacon of hope for devotees, with it being said that seeing him after the goddess’s darshan fulfills their wishes. Siddha Baba Temple stands as a tribute to his benevolence, located in Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal.

Embracing the Divine

As you stand before the majestic Purnagiri Temple, you’ll find yourself enveloped in an aura of spirituality and devotion. The temple’s intricate architecture and the scent of incense wafting through the air create an ambiance that invites reflection and inner peace. Pilgrims come from far and wide to seek the blessings of the goddess and to connect with the ancient roots of their faith.

How to Reach Purnagiri Temple

Accessing the divine realm of Purnagiri is relatively straightforward. The temple is perched atop the hills of Tanakpur in Uttarakhand, making it accessible by road and train from major cities like Delhi. At a mere 20 kilometers from the Tanakpur railway station and bus terminal, your journey to seek blessings is both convenient and well-connected. first of all you have to enter Tanakpur from where you are coming from. then you can book a taxi or by jeep you have to go Tunyas village lying at the bottom of Purnagiri hills, from where your embarking jounry stats with full of energy and blessing.

Exploring the Spiritual Enclave

As you step within the temple’s precincts, you’ll be immersed in a world steeped in history and faith. The Purnagiri Temple is considered one of the 108 Siddha Peeths, with the naval of Sati (Parvati) believed to have fallen here. This significant event draws devotees seeking divine intervention, making it an essential pilgrimage destination for those on a spiritual quest.

Best Time to Seek Blessings

While the Purnagiri Temple welcomes pilgrims throughout the year, the best time to experience its magic is during Chaitra Navratri in the months of March and April, along with the months of June, July, and the winter period. During these times, millions of devotees flock to the temple, their fervent prayers echoing through the mountain air.


The journey to the Purnagiri Temple is not just a physical expedition; it’s a spiritual voyage that takes you through centuries of devotion, legends, and divine blessings. As you traverse the picturesque landscapes and ascend the hilly terrains, you’ll find yourself not only drawn to the beauty of nature but also to the profound connection with the divine. So, pack your bags, open your heart, and get ready to explore the sacred abode of Purnagiri.

Map of Purnagiri temple

Is the Purnagiri Temple easily accessible?

Yes, the temple is accessible by road and train from major cities like Delhi. It’s just 20 kilometers away from the Tanakpur railway station and bus terminal.

What is the legend behind the “Temple of Liars”?

The temple gets its name from a man who broke a promise to build a gold temple for the goddess. Instead, he built a copper temple and became known as a liar.

When is the best time to visit Purnagiri Temple?

The best time to visit is during Chaitra Navratri (March-April), June-July, and the winter months when millions of devotees come to seek blessings.

What makes the Purnagiri Temple special?

The temple is considered one of the 108 Siddha Peeths, with a divine

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