Exploring the Mesmerizing Places Around McLeodganj – A Visual Treat for Travel Enthusiasts

McLeodganj is nestled amidst the magnificent Dhauladhar ranges in Himachal Pradesh, is a visual paradise for travel aficionados. This quaint hill station not only offers breathtaking vistas of the mountains but also provides a gateway to some stunning destinations in its vicinity that entice tourists.

In this informational content, we will explore the top attractions around McLeodganj that make it an ideal holiday spot. Holiday spot for families, friends, solo travelers, and couples alike. So, let the tour begin!

St. John’s Church in the Wilderness

Just a kilometer away from McLeodganj, along the road leading to Dharamkot, lies the St. John’s Church set amidst dense deodar forests. Built in 1852, this Protestant church houses the resting place of Lord Elgin, a British viceroy to India. Its Indo-Gothic architecture is highly impressive. The glass windows allow the sunlight to illuminate the inner sanctum. The lush green surroundings offer a peaceful ambiance. It’s a must-visit for history buffs.


After exploring this fascinating church, head over to the Mall Road nearby.

Mall Road

The Mall Road offers quaint shops, cozy cafes, Tibetan restaurants, bakeries, and street food corners to relax over a cup of steaming momos and piping hot noodles. The traditional Tibetan handicraft stalls, curio shops, and old bookstores lend an old-world charm to the place. You can also indulge in fun activities like zorbing. The Mall Road comes alive in the evenings when locals and tourists come here to unwind.


Continue walking further through the vibrant local bazars to reach another scenic point – the Bhagsu Waterfall.

Bhagsunag Waterfall

Just 1.5 km from the main market, the Bhagsunag Waterfall emerging from the Dhauladhar peaks presents a stunning sight. One can trek through dense forests and several cafes on the way. The fall with its icy cold and crystal clear water is considered to have medicinal properties.

There is also an ancient Shiva Temple near the waterfall built by Raja Bhagsu after winning a battle against a snake demon. It lends a spiritual ambiance. The lush green surroundings dotted with tall trees provide a rejuvenating experience.


After enjoying the magical charm of Bhagsunag, head over to Dharamkot village.


Just 3 km uphill from McLeodganj, Dharamkot greets you with spellbinding valley views and snow-capped mountain vistas. The hippie culture is still prevalent here. Many foreigners have settled amidst the tranquil forests practicing yoga, music, and meditation. One can find many cozy homestays, cafes, and bakeries run by locals and foreign settlers. It’s an offbeat destination for those seeking solitude closer to nature.


When in Dharamkot, don’t miss taking the forest hike to one of Himachal’s best-kept secrets – the Naddi Village.


Naddi is a sleepy little hamlet merely 5 km from McLeodganj. Located at an altitude of 6000 feet, this village offers the most spectacular sunset views. In winters, enjoy the first snowfall from here as the crimson sun disappears behind the misty blue mountains.

You can take a guided village tour to get glimpses of the local Gaddi tribe culture. Visit the small Shiva Temple believed to be over 500 years old. The eco-friendly resorts here serve delicious food while offering rejuvenating Ayurvedic spas and yoga sessions. It’s an off-the-beaten escapade into tranquility.


Dharamkot is also the base for many famous trekking trails like the Indrahar Pass Trek and Triund Hill Trek for the adventure seekers.

Dharamkot Fort Ruins

The ancient Dharamkot fort is situated at a height of 4750 feet amidst dense forests, merely 4 km from McLeodganj. Lord Elgin, a British Viceroy to India, used to camp here during the summers. The fort walls and ramparts now lie in ruins covered with moss.

As per folklore, the last rulers of Nurpur took shelter here when the Mughals ransacked their kingdom before abandoning it eventually. The ruins offer splendid panoramic views of the mountains and valleys. Trekking further up, one can find Mata Bhawani Temple and Shiv Bari Temples tucked amidst tranquil forests. It’s a historically and visually enriching experience.


So these were some of the top places that make McLeodganj and its surrounding regions a complete travel package. With ancient shrines, gushing waterfalls, quaint cafes, adventure activities, and fairytale views, these destinations have something for every traveler.

So what are you waiting for? Plan an extended holiday exploring these bewitching places around McLeodganj for memories of a lifetime!

McLeodganj in Map

FAQs About McLeodganj

Which is the best time to visit McLeodganj and nearby attractions?

The best time is between February to June and September to November. The weather is pleasant, and scenic places can be explored conveniently.

What type of clothing should one pack for the trip?

you can Carry woolens, jackets, and boots since the region witnesses cold weather. Also, carry caps, shades, comfortable shoes, and light cotton clothes.

What are the places one can visit with parents or senior citizens?

Mall Road, Naddi Village, and Dharamkot Fort are convenient places to explore with elderly parents owing to easily walkable roads.

What adventure activities can one enjoy near McLeodganj?

Notable adventure activities we can do in McLeodganj like paragliding, trekking, rappelling, zorbing, angling, and mountain biking.

What are some famous treks near McLeodganj?

The Famous trek near McLeodganj are Kareri Lake Trek, Indrahar Pass, Triund Hill Trek, and Bhagsu Nag Waterfalls Trek.

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